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For more than 30 years, the Biblical Archaeology Society’s Travel/Study program has presented a wide variety of educational programs and tours for people who have an unending interest in Biblical studies and in the archaeology of the Biblical lands. Leading our programs are the top names in Biblical studies and in archaeology, both from North America and from around the world.

– 16, 2015

With Paul on the Egnatian Way: Thrace to Illyricum

Led by tour host Dr. Mark Wilson

A note from the tour host, Dr. Mark Wilson, director of the Asia Minor Research Center: “Several years ago while flying from Rome to Istanbul, I sat with a map of the Via Egnatia on my lap. I watched with fascination as the landscape of this ancient road unfolded some 30,000 feet below me. I d… read more 




Sailing the Mediterranean with Paul
– June 8, 2016