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Dr. Alan Millard

Alan Millard
Alan Millard makes the world of the Bible come alive. Dr. Millard is at the forefront of research in some of the world’s most tumultuous regions: Until recently, he was the Vice-Chairman of the British School of Archaeology in Iraq. He has taught at the University of Liverpool since 1970, where he is now Professor Emeritus and has served as librarian at Tyndale Library for Biblical Research.
Professor Millard is responsible for the rediscovery of the Epic of Atrahasis, one of three surviving Babylonian flood stories. One of the few scholars in the world with an expertise in Akkadian, he has worked alongside legendary archaeologist Yigael Yadin at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Professor Millard has pursued understanding of the Bible in the context of the society where it first appeared. His expertise on the culture, thought, and even the language and book production of Biblical times have informed his research and his writings. His many publications include such seminal works as Treasures from Bible Times (1985), Discoveries from the Time of Jesus (1990) and Reading and Writing in the Time of Jesus (2000). He has also published Assyrian and Babylonian cuneiform texts, and documents of Old Aramaic.
Dr. Alan Millard is an outstanding scholar who has been described by prior BAS program participants as “informative,” “accessible” and “engaging.” In addition to lecturing for us at our Oxford Seminar and Bible Fest, he has written numerous articles for Biblical Archaeology Review and Bible Review. Click on the links below to read a selection of his articles. (More by Dr. Alan Millard is available in the BAS Library.)
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