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Robert Deutsch

Robert Deutsch
Robert Deutsch is a Biblical archaeologist, epigrapher and numismatist. He specializes in ancient West Semitic inscriptions from the First Temple Period, Jewish iconography and ancient coins, especially the coinage of the First Jewish Revolt Against Rome (which was the topic of his PhD. thesis submitted to the Tel Aviv University). From 1992 until 2004 he excavated with David Ussishkin and Israel Finkelstein at the Biblical site of Tell Megiddo (Armageddon) and supervised area M, previously excavated by Gottlieb Schumacher in 1902. As lecturer at the Haifa University, Deutsch taught ancient inscriptions from the First Temple Period, epigraphy, paleography and the development of the West Semitic alphabet.

Presenter at

  • Bible & Archaeology Fest XV, November 16-18, 2012
    Publishing Unprovenanced Biblical Antiquities - Encouraging Looters or Rescuing History?
    The legitimacy of collecting and publishing antiquities that have no secure provenance is one of the most controversial topics in modern archaeology. The debate involves two main camps: 1) Members of the first camp express a negative approach and argue that finds without known provenances are to be declared suspicious - therefore ignored - and actively seek to prevent publication on such objects. 2) Members of the second camp express a positive approach and argue that the corpus of the epigraphic material unearthed in controlled excavations is significantly smaller than that from unprovenanced sources. Therefore, avoiding the majority of the historical information just because the material was found by non-professionals willfully ignores the tremendous scholarly value some of this material may have. This presentation will examine the crucial role that unprovenanced artifacts have played in our understanding of the Biblical world, and make a case for why their publications should be considered rescue publications - their permanent value will increase with time.

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