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The Biblical Archaeology Society is proud to offer you a very special opportunity to encounter Israel in a way that most people will never have the chance to experience. If you would like to combine adventure, discovery and exploration of some of history’s most significant sites with the scholars that know them best, then we invite you to join us on an extraordinary journey through one of the world’s most sacred and history-drenched lands.

Travel with us on a truly unique experience in the Holy Land, where three of the world’s largest religions converge in history. We are proud of the exclusive access that we are able to provide to you, our guests and partners in the exciting adventure that is a BAS trip to Israel. Won’t you join us?


If you are unable to download this registration form, please contact the Travel/Study department at 1-800-221-4644 ext.216

Tour Price

Price per person Land & Air (based on double occupancy and round-trip airfare from New York JFK): $4988
Land Only: $3398
Single Supplement: $935
$500.00 deposit (payable by check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) and copy of current passport required with registration form by June 30 to reserve space. Balance due August 31, 2012.


Day 1 | October 13

Depart U.S.

Day 2 | October 14

Arrive in Tel Aviv, a glittering and lively city on the shores of the brilliant blue Mediterranean Sea. This evening there is an optional tour of Tel-Aviv.


Day 3 | October 15

Begin the day with a journey to Jaffa, an ancient port city believed to be one of the oldest in the world. We’ll continue on to meet with Aren Maier at Bar-Ilan University, where over lunch he will share with us the latest developments and discoveries from his excavations at Tel-es Safi/Gath. Then we will continue on to Caesarea Maritima, the great port city built by Herod the Great.


Day 4 | October 16

The day begins with a drive by Ashdod, a port city mentioned 13 times in the Bible and Tel Ashkelon, the oldest and largest seaport in Canaan and one of the “five cities” of the Philistines. Next we will enjoy a dramatic view of Ekron before visiting “Philistine Street” in Kibbutz Revadim. In the afternoon, we will drive by Tel Tsafit, Tel Azekah and the Valley of Elah, before stopping at the famous site of Khirbet Qeiyafa, which some archaeologists suggest may have been the biblical city of Sha’arayim or Neta’im. Upon arrival director of excavations Yossi Garfinkel will give us a personal, private tour of the site that is changing the way we understand the period of King David.

Day 5 | October 17

Today begins at the dramatic site of ancient Megiddo, where, according to the Book of Revelation, the fierce Battle of Armageddon will be staged. Our next stop is Carmel, where we will have a traditional lunch in a druze village. After lunch there is a visit to the poignant necropolis of Beth Shearim, where the citizens of this prosperous ancient town were buried in more than 20 catacombs until its fiery destruction in 352 C.E. Hamat Tiberias and Tiberias are the final stops for the afternoon.


Day 6 | October 18

This morning we journey to Sepphoris, the historically rich ancient city that is also the home of the magnificent mosaic known as the “Mona Lisa of the Galilee.” Then we will trace the steps of Jesus through Nazareth, the first-century village where Jesus spent his early life. After lunch we will explore the village of Cana, where, according to the Gospel of John, Jesus performed his first miracle by turning water to wine. Our day concludes with a visit to Magdala, which is famous in Christian tradition for being the hometown of Mary “Magdalene.”


Day 7 | October 19

This morning finds us at the beautiful Kibbutz nof Ginnosar, where we will have the opportunity to see that famous “Galilee Boat” with Yuval Lopan, who originally discovered the boat together with his brother, Moshe. We then continue on to Capernaum, where Jesus made his home and chose his first four disciples. The afternoon will include visits to Tel Dan, described as the northernmost city of the Kingdom of Israel, and Caesarea Philippi, once a thriving ancient city built around one of the main springs that feed the Jordan River.


Day 8 | October 20

The starting point for today’s itinerary is a visit to Beth Shean, the magnificent ancient city mentioned in the Bible and Egyptian records. We then travel on to Qumran, the settlement nearest to the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. After lunch, we’ll visit beautiful Ein Gedi, where David fled when hiding from Saul. The afternoon is yours to enjoy leisure activities at the Dead Sea. In the evening, we will enjoy a lecture by Gideon Hadas, the director of excavations at Ein Gedi.


Day 9 | October 21

We will begin our day perched on the hilltop ruins of the Masada fortress, the site of one of history’s most dramatic conflicts where a small group of Jewish zealots defied an entire Roman legion. Before lunch in Beer-Sheva, we will also explore Tel Arad, the location of the only known “House of Yahweh” in the land of Israel. In the afternoon we’ll find ourselves exploring Tel Beer-Sheva, believed by some to be the remains of the Biblical town of Beersheba. Next is Lachish, where dramatic evidence for an Assyrian assault is well preserved. The day’s activities will conclude atop the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, with dramatic views of one of the world’s most sacred cities spread before us.


Day 10 | October 22

Our first full day in Jerusalem begins with a visit to the City of David. We will then stop by the Davidson Center before enjoying lunch in the Jewish Quarter. Following lunch we will enjoy a stroll up the Western Cardo in the Old City, the ancient Roman road that was once Jerusalem’s main thoroughfare. The rest of the afternoon includes visits to the Broad Wall, the Burnt House and Western Wall. This evening, you’ll have the opportunity to join an optional tour of the Western Wall Tunnels.


Day 11 | October 23

Our day begins with a visit to Jerusalem’s most recognizable landmark: the Temple Mount complex. We will then continue on with a walk up the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, after which we will enjoy lunch at the very special and historic American Colony Hotel. After lunch, we will visit the Tomb of the Kings before continuing on to the École Biblique tombs. Our afternoon will conclude with a visit to the Garden Tomb, the rock-cut tomb considered by some to be the site of the burial and resurrection of Jesus, as well as the Damascus Gate, one of the main entrances to the Old City of Jerusalem. Tonight is a very special evening: You are invited to be the special dinner guests of long-time BAS friends in their Jerusalem home.


Day 12 | October 24

Our final day begins with a tour of the remarkable Israel Museum. Founded in 1965 as Israelís national museum, it contains some of the most famous and important objects in the world, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the “house of David” inscription, the “Caiaphas Ossuary,” and many more. We then continue on to Bethlehem and the Church of the Nativity, which is the traditional site of Jesus' birth and a place that has been venerated by pilgrims from all over the world for centuries. This afternoon we will also visit Herodium, the site of one of King Herodís monumental palaces as well as his recently discovered tomb.


Day 13 | October 25

We are up bright and very early to catch our flight back to the U.S. Come back soon!

Note: We reserve the right to alter or modify the itinerary if it is deemed necessary by the guide. Local conditions or scheduling concerns may cause us to vary the details slightly.

Hotel Accommodations

October 14 - October 17

Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv website

October 17 - October 20

Caesar Hotel Tiberias, Sea of Galilee website

October 20 - October 21

Ein-Gedi Kibbutz Resort, Dead Sea website

October 21 - October 25

Mt. Zion Hotel, Jerusalem website

Terms and Conditions

PAYMENTS: Full payment is required at the time of reservation, along with signed application form.

TIPS, TAXES, MISC.: Shown above is the total cost for service charges and gratuities for hotel and restaurant staff, bus drivers and local guides as well as payments for international air taxes (including fuel surcharges), visas, and border crossings. Extra tipping is not required.

CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY: All cancellations for any reason and at any time must be received in writing and will be subject to a $500 per person administrative fee. Cancellation between 90-61 days of departure will be subject to additional loss of some non-recoverable sums from independent providers of land and air services. No refund is available 60 days or less prior to departure. Air tickets, once issued, are non-refundable.

ITINERARY LENGTH: Flight times are subject to change without advance notice. BAS/Tutku Tours are not responsible for changes and delays in airline schedules and cannot reimburse passengers for expenses resulting from airline delays. Because airlines often change flight times and dates at the last minute, BAS/Tutku Tours strongly recommend the purchase of domestic tickets, which can be changed without heavy fees and penalties. If airline changes flight schedules, BAS/Tutku Tours reserve the right to lengthen or shorten the itinerary accordingly, and whenever possible, you will be notified in writing. If airline changes necessitate an extra overnight, you will be charged (per night) the full cost of the hotel room.

Tour Price Includes:
AIR TRANSPORTATION: Round-trip flights, group economy class, scheduled from New York’s JFK Airport. Departure tax and Federal Inspection Tax additional as estimated. Your tickets are usually finalized and written a minimum of 45 days prior to departure in order to guarantee the fare. Once your group ticket has been written, it cannot be rewritten or refunded to the passenger by the airlines. Air transportation will be jet economy class aboard carriers which may utilize non-refundable, non-transferable tickets to/from your destination for groups flying together for the entire itinerary. Any fare increases or surcharges will be paid by the passenger. Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS) and Tutku Tours cannot be responsible for any such increases.

TRANSFERS: You will be transferred with the group between arrival airport and hotels and to the departure airport. Non-group flight participants must handle their own ground arrangements.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Price is based on two persons in a room in four-star superior and five-star hotels. A supplemental room charge of US $935 will be applicable to individuals enrolling without a roommate. If you are interested in BAS assigning you a roommate, all attempts will be made to do so, but it is not guaranteed. All single rooms are subject to availability and are often smaller than normal twin rooms.

MEALS: Breakfasts and dinners are included.

TRAVEL PROGRAM: Includes the services of an English speaking guides, guest scholar lecturers, entrance fees and transportation to sites on deluxe coaches as listed in the program. All entrances for activities scheduled on the tour, plus the guide services, are included throughout.

LUGGAGE: Restricted in size and shape by your airline. You may contact them if you need the specific restrictions.

Price Does Not Include:
INSURANCE: We highly recommend that applicants purchase trip cancellation insurance to protect your investment in the event of illness or accident. Information will be provided upon deposit.

TOUR DEVIATIONS: All deviations from or additions to the tour may be subject to a handling and processing fee plus any out-of-pocket charges (i.e., telex, hotel cancellation charges, messenger or other fees involved).

NOTICE: Dates, schedules, program details and costs, although given in good faith and based on information available at the time of publication of the brochure, are subject to change and revision. In the event of such an omission or substitution, no liability will be granted by BAS/Tutku Tours. All itineraries are subject to change. Prices quoted for this tour are based on a minimum group size of 15 participants and March 2012 exchange rates. Responsibility: The Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS), Tutku Tours and/or their agents, affiliates, assignees and cooperative agents act only as agents for the passenger with respect to transportation, hotels and automobile contractors. They exercise every care possible but cannot be held responsible for personal injury in connection with the service of any hotel, ship, airplane, train, automobile, horse, donkey, carriage or other conveyance used in carrying out the tours, nor are they responsible for delay, accident, sickness, loss of personal property, strikes, armed conflict, additional expenses due to weather, disruption of advertised schedules, refusal of visas or other causes beyond their control. Further, the operation of vehicles used in their tour is the full responsibility of the companies and individuals engaged in the conveying of passengers; said companies or individuals are governed by the laws of the country of operations, and recourse for any mishap must be filed locally. Unforeseen conditions may necessitate tour changes and the right is reserved to make such changes or withdraw the tour as deemed advisable. The right is also reserved to refuse to accept or retain any passengers on any tour at any time for any reason. Cooperating airlines and steamship companies are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time passengers are not onboard; the limit of their liability is that of a common carrier, and the passage contract in use by such carriers, when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between companies and the purchaser of this tour and/or passenger. Acceptance of the services of BAS/Tutku Tours, by all agents and/or travelers constitutes acceptance by them of all the above terms and conditions. The program conditions become a binding contract when your signed enrollment form and deposit payment are received and accepted by Biblical Archaeology Society, Travel/Study Department.


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