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Subscriber Alert

Some subscribers to Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) have received renewal notifications and subscription offers from organizations other than the Biblical Archaeology Society. The rates offered by these organizations are higher than our subscription price. They also charge a service/handling fee. Please do not contact these organizations.

Companies that we have been informed about include: Readers Payment Service, Publishers Billing Exchange, Inc, Subscription Renewal Services, Circulation Billing Services, Inc., Publishers Services Exchange, Associated Publishers Subscription Services, United Publishers Network, Global Publication Services, Platinum Publishing Service, Magazine Billing Services, Magazine Payment Services, Publishers Processing Services, Orbital Publishing Group, Inc. and Gold Medal Subscriber Services.

These organizations are not authorized representatives of the Biblical Archaeology Society or of Biblical Archaeology Review. Your renewal notification, expiration note, or subscription offer to BAR will come from the Biblical Archaeology Society.

Some of these entities, especially Readers Payment Service, are sending false notifications that your subscription to BAR is unable to commence or to continue, along with a statement of credit. There is no truth to these notes whatsoever.

Please do not respond to any correspondence from these organizations. Forward it, instead, to Subscriptions, 4710 41st St., NW, Washington, DC 20016 or by calling 1-800-221-4644.

Thank you for your assistance.

Biblical Archaeology Society