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Academic Sites

American Schools of Oriental Research
The home page of this scholarly organization includes information on upcoming meetings, publications, grants and membership.

Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society
The Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society publishes an annual academic journal on archaeology in Israel and the Middle East, the Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society, holds lectures in London and Manchester in the UK and gives student grants to those studying in the UK who wish to further their studies by participating in a dig in Israel.

Archaeological Institute of America
Tours, publications and fellowships are listed in the home page of this cultural and educational organization, dedicated to supporting archaeological research and publication.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures
An on-line course supplement for students and teachers of ancient and medieval history, developed at the University of Illinois at Evansville.

Franciscan Archaeological Institute (Jordan)
Excavations of Mt. Nebo, Madaba Archaeological Park, Umm el-Rasas, and other sites in Jordan.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Career in Archaeology in the U.S.
Want to know what it takes to be an archaeologist? Texas A&M professor David L. Carson offers tips on jobs, schools, books to read and volunteer opportunities.

Israel Antiquities Authority
The government organization responsible for the excavation, preservation and publication of archeological excavations and artifacts within Israel.

Israel Exploration Society
Provides a key role in archaeological studies in the Land of Israel. It coordinates much of the multi-institutional archeological research carried out in Israel including organizing excavations, enlisting financial support and publishing the results of excavations. The Society also publishes two quarterly journals (one in English; one in Hebrew) as well as other scholarly publications.

Nautical Archaeology at Texas A&M University
Information about this interesting branch of archaeological studies. Info on both the Nautical Archaeology Program at Texas A&M University and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology is included.

Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Keep abreast of scroll research and of research opportunities in Israel. This list by Hebrew University's Orion Center includes an extensive bibliography of recent research on the scrolls, a short history of the manuscripts and a list of upcoming meetings.

Palestine Exploration Fund
The Palestine Exploration Fund (PEF) was founded in 1865 by a group of distinguished academics and clergymen. The purpose of the PEF was (and is) to promote research into the archaeology and history, manners and customs and culture, topography, geology and natural sciences of Biblical Palestine and the Levant.

Society of Biblical Literature
Publications and meetings are listed on the home page of this academic organization.

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Journals and Publications

The homepage for a quarterly journal of archaeological research, published in Britain for the past 72 years. The Web site includes a summary of the forthcoming issue, tables of contents for issues going back to 1994, and an index of all issues published, dating back to 1927.

Internet Archaeology
Aims to present the results of archaeological research in a readable manner and yet makes it possible for readers to explore the data upon which conclusions are based. The site includes excavation reports, analyses of large data sets along with the data itself, visualizations, programs used to analyze data, and applications of information technology.

KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt
The web site of the English-language periodical devoted exclusively to articles on the culture, history, personalities, arts and monuments of ancient Egypt—as well as features on archaeology, past and present.

Near Eastern Archaeology
The magazine of the American Schools of Oriental Research posts abstracts of recent articles and an index for 1983-1987.

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Educational and Informative

Ancient Near East
A portal site for all things relating to the ancient Near East, for scholars and laypersons alike. Information can be found on lectures, conferences, digs, museums, exhibitions, news and more.

Evolution of Alphabets
An interesting site portraying the evolution of ancient (and modern) alphabets through animation. Part of a site built by Prof. Robert Fradkin at the University of Maryland.

The Jerusalem Archaeological Park
A virtual tour of the Jerusalem Archaeological Park, Israel\92s most important antiquity site that reaches the Temple Mount on the north, the slope of the Mount of Olives and the Kidron Valley on the east, and the Valley of Hinnom on the west and the south. Includes timelines, historical notes, biographies of excavators and historical sources.

On-line Survey of Audio-Visual Resources for Classics
Looking for a video on Pompeii? An interactive cd-rom game set in ancient Rome or Greece? Comic strips in Latin? Archaeology kits? Posters of the gods to decorate your classroom? Latin and Greek lessons on tape or disk? Museum reproductions of ancient art? Maps, books on tape, filmstrips, coloring books, jigsaw puzzles, transparencies, and more from dozens of vendors are available here.

The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean
An educational site in lesson form sponsored by Dartmouth College.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem by Ritmeyer Archaeological Design
Leen Ritmeyer, former chief architect of the Temple Mount Excavations, provides an analysis of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. He has written extensively on the subject and has also produced several slide sets, posters and large-scale models. You can browse through the many photographs of the site, which are available for purchase.

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Archaeology Lectures in the Washington, DC Area

BASONOVA [Biblical Archaeology Society of Northern Virginia] is a non-sectarian society which hosts lectures in biblical archaeology and the history of ancient times in the western world.

We meet eight times a year, usually on Sunday afternoons, at a restaurant in the Metropolitan DC area to sample ethnic food, enjoy engaging table talk, and listen to well-informed scholars and field archaeologists. Many of these lecturers have international reputations and educate us for an hour with richly illustrated images of their work.

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Guides to Other Resources and Portal Sites

About.com: Archaeology
An information portal for all things archaeological. This site contains a great deal of information on just about everything related to the field of archeology worldwide, and includes a dictionary of archaeological terms.

Anthropology Resources on the Internet
A guide to anthropology resources on the internet.

ArchaeologyExpert was formed to offer a unique reference point on archaeological information, sites, excavations and artifacts. The site contains information on all aspects of archaeology including the facts, myths and famous people, plus sites of interest.

A multi-faith e-community for religious resources and interaction.

The Bible and Interpretation
Dedicated to delivering the latest news, features, editorials, commentary, archaeological interpretation and excavations relevant to the study of the Bible for the public and biblical scholars.

CenturyOne Foundation
This foundation funds in whole and/or in part, archaeological projects, historical and Biblical research, lectures and symposiums, publications and education on subjects pertaining to the time of the first century B.C./A.D.

Egyptology Resources
A resource guide to the ancient Egypian studies, including sections on museums, digs, publishers, journals, and more.

The Jewish Roman World of Jesus
Dr. James D. Tabor, professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, provides information on a variety of topics including Hellenistic/Roman religion and philosophy, archaeology and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Christian Origins and the New Testament and ancient Israel.

Mnemotrix ArchaeoSearch
This search engine, a joint project of Mnemotrix Systems, Inc. and the Institute of Archaeology, searches web sites, news and discussion groups that specialize in ancient near east and classical studies.

The New Testament Gateway
A comprehensive, up to date, annotated directory of good academic New Testament internet resources. Clear, easy to navigate, and fast-loading.

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies
Access the texts of several Bibles, the Deutercanonicals/Apocrypha, the Pseudepigrapha the writings of Josephus and Herodotus, rabbinic writings, resources for studying linguistics and the writings of the early Church fathers.

Rome4u .com is a comprehensive informative webguide about Rome today and yesterday. Guests can find all kinds of information about sights, museums, the history of Rome, hotels, restaurants, shopping and many more. Visitors can orientate themselves on a trip to Rome or let them take back to ancient Rome.

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Just for Fun

Virtual video travel to America, Asia, Europe, Australia, the South Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Arctic, Antarctic and even Outer Space.

Forum Romanum
A remarkably thorough site by a budding scholar of ancient Rome, begun during his pre-high school days. Here you'll find a dictionary of mythology, overviews of Latin literature and language, sections on Roman history, a virtual tour of Rome, and more.

Royal Ontario Museum
Hone your skills of archaeological analysis, write your name in hieroglyphics, learn how to make your own mini-mummy, participate in a virtual dig and view the museum's collection.

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Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem
This is the official site of the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem, which houses a comprehensive collection of Ancient Near Eastern artifacts which chronicle the history of the lands of the Bible from the dawn of civilization to the Early Christian era.

Israel Museum
Explore elegant exhibits of artifacts, dating from the Prehistoric through the Islamic period, found throughout Israel.

Kimbell Art Museum
Holdings range in period from antiquity to the 20th century.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Tour the collections of Greek, Roman, ancient Near Eastern and Islamic art. Be sure to check out the Assyrian reliefs and statues from Ashurnasirpal II's palace at Nimrud (Iraq).

Oriental Institute
A virtual tour of the University of Chicago's museum, with many exhibits from the ancient Near East, is available for those with Quicktime.

The Semitic Museum at Harvard University
The Semitic Museum houses collections of archaeological materials from the Ancient Near East. Currently three exhibits are open to the public: Old Kingdom Egypt, Ancient Cyprus and a 2nd millennium BCE Hurrian city named Nuzi, located in modern-day Iraq.

Vatican Museums
Manuscripts, art and liturgical objects for the Biblically minded.

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