Jezebel Seal

Scholars Debate “Jezebel" Seal

Even before it went to press, Marjo Korpel’s recent BAR article, “Fit for a Queen: Jezebel’s Royal Seal,” made a splash. Professor Korpel’s bold identification of a seal with the infamous Biblical Jezebel—a claim based on a reconstruction of the artifact—elicited a major critical furor.

Antiquities Authority & Forgers

Israel Antiquities Authority vs. Conspiracy of (Alleged) Forgers

Has Joe Zias shown the James Ossuary inscription to be a modern forgery? The implications of the veracity of Zias’s claim are enormous: If it’s true, then the inscription must be a forgery. If it’s not true, then the implications are even greater.

Seal Controversy: Temech to Shlomit

Seal Controversy: From Temech to Shlomit

Although a recently found seal apparently does not belong to the Biblical figure that excavator Eilat Mazar at first suggested, it now seems that it bears another name known from the Bible.

Jesus Tomb

“Jesus Tomb” Controversy Erupts—Again

Claims that the family tomb of Jesus has been found in the East Talpiot section of Jerusalem have sparked bitter debate for a second time.