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January/February 2014

And the Winner Is...

“I wondered how they were going to get him to lie down with that lamb.” —Tim Vasquez, Omaha, Nebraska

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our January/February 2014 cartoon (see Ecclesiastes 9:4). We are pleased to congratulate Tim Vasquez of Omaha, Nebraska, who wrote the winning caption.


“Yes, but is it kosher?” —Walter Jones, Bethany Beach, Delaware
“That wouldn’t have happened if he knew how to fetch BAR from the postman!” —Samuel Charache, Baltimore, Maryland

Honorable Mention

“Now that we have new neighbors, I suggest we stop barking so much.” —Ken Fisher, Yorba Linda, California
“I guess they’re not ‘cat people.’” —Doug Ward, Oxford, Ohio
“Looks like cat food again tonight.” —Paul Anderson, Terryville, Connecticut
“I hope a couple of hot dogs aren’t next on the king’s menu!” —Bill Steigmeir, Center City, Minnesota
“I’m sure not gonna order whatever he had.” —Wirt Cain, Broadview Heights, Ohio
“They say he wouldn’t stay off the couch.” —Sandy Hale, Columbus, Ohio
“Animal control is rough around here. Sure glad we remembered to wear our collars.” —Paul Hull, Ripon, California
“Well, I see Daniel is holding his own!” —Jim Warren, George West, Texas
“I told him to be satisfied with dry food, but noooo, he knew better!” —David Palmer, Higganum, Connecticut
“This gives us a whole new leash on life.” —Pat Foley, Homer Glen, Illinois
“I think I would rather return to my vomit.” —John Fewkes, Damascus, Oregon

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