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March/April 2014

And the Winner Is...

“Suddenly the weight loss meeting turned very ugly.” —Shawn C. Smith, Lincoln, Illinois

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our March/April 2014 cartoon (see Genesis 41:2–4). We are pleased to congratulate Shawn C. Smith of Lincoln, Illinois, who wrote the winning caption.


“You know, you’ll have to stop eating all that junk food at McPharaoh’s if you ever want to get on the cover of BAR.” —Eric Miller, New Hyde Park, New York
“It does look like the grass is greener on the other side.” —Frank Hull, Rochester, New York

Honorable Mention

“We give milk for lite cheese.” —Bernie White, Hagerstown, Maryland
“That is what you get for eating ALL the manna.” —Elizabeth Facilla, Spring Hill, Florida
“Don’t complain to me about being chosen for the Temple offering. I told you to lose weight!” —Wilfred Huettel, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
“Well someone has NOT been following the diet plan!” —Regina Newlin, Columbus, Georgia
“So you’ve been snacking behind our backs again!” —Erika Muhsen, Middle Village, New York
“A Biblical example of mad cow disease.” —Shireen Kawaguchi, Vancouver, Washington
“Didn’t you get the message about fasting for Lent?” —Francis Buhmeyer, Richland Center, Wisconsin
“You need to show us to the land of milk and honey.” —Ken Gomes, Redlands, California
“Well, I’m not waiting ’til the cows come home. One fat cow out of seven will have to do.” —Marvin Karp, Mashpee, Massachusetts
“Elsie, you have udderly disgraced our team by using a performance enhancer to get so big. Now fork over the Hamburger Helper!” —Michael Gordeuk, Garwood, New Jersey
“Have you ever heard of the Donner party?” —B. Hutchinson, Black Eagle, Montana
“Holy cow, do you need to go on a diet!” —James Barrett, Worcester, Massachusetts

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