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And the Winner Is...

“Don’t worry! Off-shore investments can be quite lucrative!” Lynn Arney, Berthoud, Colorado

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our September/October 2013 cartoon (see Ecclesiastes 11:1). We are pleased to congratulate Lynn Arney of Berthoud, Colorado, who wrote the winning caption.


“We have no use for soggy bread even if it does come back!” David Johnson, King William, Virginia
“We’ve tried wheat, barley and pumpernickel. If this rye bread doesn’t come back, I’m going to guess Solomon was speaking metaphorically.” Chuck Marshall, Tallmadge, Ohio

Honorable Mention

“I guarantee that this is safer investment than buying into the derivatives market.” Michael Dilts, Carlsbad, California
“‘Cast your bread upon the waters,’ my eye! You just don’t like my cooking.” Marian Foreman, Columbus, Ohio
“When his banker suggested that he float his assets, Ruben couldn’t quite grasp the concept.” Michael Hanson, Mounds View, Minnesota
“I understand the part about obeying Scripture… but tell me again why it’s supposed to be the bread my mother sent over?” Becky Van Vleet, Redding, California
“Throwing bread in water is not what I had in mind for our 401k plan.” John Cantrell, Foothill Ranch, California
“I know it’s not like your mother’s.” Donald Deford, Freeland, Michigan
“No! No! I said ‘Let’s go fly fishing’—not rye fishing!” David Gardner, Dunbar, West Virginia
“Someday someone will reap the rewrd of your good deed with a whole lot of bread and fishes just when he needs them.” Patti Hopton, Lumberton, New Jersey
“The fruitcake seems strangely light and buoyant this year.” Shawn Smith, Lincoln, Illinois
“I know it’s a bit stale, but isn’t this going a little too far?” Victor Sower, Huntsville, Texas
“I don’t see why day-old won’t work!” Richard Grossman, Wilmington, Delaware
“Let’s see what this guy from Nazareth can do when the fish are already stuffed with bread!” Jim Houston, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I thought you said you liked my cooking, Hershel!” S. Woodbury, Newberry, Florida