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And the Winner Is...

“Play it again, Dave—but softly.” Cynthia N. Yaroshoff, San Francisco, California

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our September/October contest. We are pleased to congratulate Cynthia N. Yaroshoff of San Francisco, California, who wrote the winning caption.


“How many more years until we discover Advil?” Robert Lunt, Salt Lake City, Utah
“How ’bout a little Saul music?” Creig Marlowe, Gresham, Oregon

Honorable Mention

“David, why is it I feel like you are just stringing me along?” Emily Bartell, San Diego, California
“So where’s the snooze button on this darned thing?” Gordon N. Smith, Winchester, Kentucky
“Could you play ‘Psalm Enchanted Evening’?” Doug Ward, Oxford, Ohio
“That’s nice, but can you support my daughter on a musician’s earnings?” Karl Larew, New Park, Pennsylvania
“Know anything by the Beatles? Or was that the Scarabs?” David Stevens, Vinita, Oklahoma
“I’m already feeling better...but I thought you had left your harp in San Francisco” Dale Betz, Gig Harbor, Washington
“I spent all that money to send you to Juilliard and still all you can play is Chopsticks?!” Brian Helander, Fremont, Michigan
“Maybe a little rock music will drive out this Goliath headache.” John Raz, Ovilla, Texas
“Do you know ‘Stairway to Heaven’?” Brian Jenkins, Kearney, Nebraska
“Always harping on me in my Saulitude!” Steven Meigs, Tampa, Florida
“I know the sheep know your voice, but what do they think of your playing?” Ronald Travisano, Glen Ridge, New Jersey
“Hey David, do you know ‘Free Bird’?” Todd Carter, Newburgh, Indiana
“I’ve stayed at a lot of motels, but that’s the first wake-up call I’ve had like that!” John Gibson, Franklin, New Jersey
“Such a headache! No music tonight, David. Ask Moses to bring me a couple of tablets.” Jim Gooch, Fairfield, Texas
“Do you know ‘I Did It My Way’?” Thomas McCollough, Saratoga, California
“Music is good for the ‘Saul.’” Joseph Weathers, Palmdale, California
“I can name that tune in three notes.” Roger Loop, Springfield, Massachusetts
“Good night, David. Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.” Emily Bartell, San Diego, California