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And the Winner Is...

“Moses, I hate to tell you, but those are obvious fakes. Roman numerals haven’t even been invented yet!” David Holzwasser, Franklin, Massachusetts

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our Sep/Oct contest. We are pleased to congratulate David Holzwasser of Franklin, Massachusetts, who wrote the winning caption.


“Is this multiple choice?” Roy Kruse, Chaska, Minnesota
“Are those set in stone?” Tony Howard, Lucas, Texas

Honorable Mention

“That wasn’t what I had in mind when I told you to stop and ask for directions.” Branson L. Thurston, Brentwood, Texas
“The next time you go gallivanting around for weeks at a time and only bring me back stone, they’d better be diamonds.” Patrick Alvidrez, Tulare, California
“Oh yeah? Well how far have you come on my ‘honey shalt do’ list” Joseph C. Thomas, Jr., East Liverpool, Ohio
“Moses, what did God say, ‘Take two tablets and call me every morning’?” Morsey Saunders, Nixa, Missouri
“Lovely, Moses, but if we don’t leave some trash behind, the minimalists will say it never happened.” Arthur M. Rosen, Newbury, New Hampshire
“You forgot ‘Thou shalt put the toilet seat down.’” James T. Stewart, Clovis, California
“Did you remember to ask Him if in-laws are included in that whole ‘honor thy father and thy mother’ thing?” Karen H. Lambert, Red Lion, Pennsylvania
Moses secretly wished that “Thou shalt not sneeze in the face of thy leader” had been added as the 11th commandment. Paul Trigg, Dudley, West Midlands, United Kingdom
“I want a #2 lamb burger combo with water and a side of manna.” Rick Bamrick, Firestone, Colorado
“What?! We have to work six days a week?!” Har Mahdeem, Boynton Beach, Florida
“... and which one of these says you can’t do the dishes?” Abe Adler, Woodmere, New York