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And the Winner Is...

“I must warn you—I’m loaded with trans fat!” Michael Vickoren, Central Point, Oregon

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our July/August contest. We are pleased to congratulate Michael Vickoren of Central Point, Oregon, who wrote the winning caption.


“Yes, but Kosher law is very clear on this point ...” Dean Cathcart, Sedona, Arizona
“I don’t want to have to tell you again: It’s lie down with the lamb, not chow down on the lamb!” Dena Jardin, Oroville, California

Honorable Mention

“God and I are pretty close buddies, so let me live and I’ll put in a good word for your campaign to become King of the Jungle.” Jihoon Kim, Washingtonville, New York
“So Scar’s evil reign ended, and Simba took his rightful place as the Lion King.” Robert A. Hehn, Audubon, Pennsylvania
“Doe a deer, a female deer ... and remember, this is a song, not a menu.” Gregory D. Lucas, Bellevue, Washington
“I don’t care what King Darius told you; Israelites do not taste like chicken!” Ryan Payne, Fallbrook, California
“What’s the matter—God got your tongue?” Terri Faltas, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
“Uh, excuse me, is this a non-prophet organization?” Rob Young, Baraboo, Wisconsin
Calmly assessing his surroundings, Daniel promptly challenged the lions to a very lengthy game of horseshoes. Rick and Elisa Lancaster, Orangevale, California
“If you have a couple of days, I’d love to explain the benefits of becoming vegetarians!” William Ellwanger, Waterford, New Jersey
“No, I don’t think skipping one meal warrants a letter to PETA.” Wes Mason, Glen Allen, Virginia
“Yes, HDL (Human-Derived Lunch) is damaging to your arteries and can lead to lethargy, insomnia, stomach problems and sexual dysfunction. I would recommend a diet high in vegetables and grains and avoid meat for at least a week.” Leonard Warren, Murrieta, California