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And the Winner Is...

“They wore the same clothes for 40 years in the wilderness and they call us unclean!” Rick Schantz, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our November/December 2011 cartoon (see Leviticus 11). We are pleased to congratulate Rick Schantz of Grand Rapids, Michigan, who wrote the winning caption.


“The good news is that you’re safe for another 3,000 years. After that you’ve got the French to worry about.” Steve Dalzell, Vicenza, Italy
“I told you our lobbyists were worth every shekel. The dietary laws have been canonized!” Jonathan Farrell, Burlington, Vermont

Honorable Mention

“Where’s the beef?!” Diane M. Pilarski, Maxatawny, Pennsylvania
“Let’em call us unclean. I don’t give a hoot. At least we’re not on the menu!” Marty Singer, Deerfield, Illinois
“Stop asking me how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop!” Trisha Davis, Patchogue, New York
“They can call me unclean all they want as long as they don’t call me dinner!” Larry Love, Vero Beach, Florida
“I think we all know the reason the cow and chicken were unable to make this meeting.” Joe Kovacs, Stuart, Florida
“I don’t know what the problem is. After all, if you cook us, do we not taste like chicken?” Kevin Cauley, Buda, Texas
“So be happy they call you unclean around here. Other places would call you the main course!” Gil Gaugler, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
“So then, who votes we move to Israel as a safety measure?” Mark Howard, Algeciras, Spain
“OK, so who’s going to race whom today?” Rob Palmer, Bangor, Maine
“Better to be unclean than cuisine.” John Raz, Ovilla, Texas
“Alright, so it’s unanimous. We all agree those annoying unicorns are removed from the ‘Do not eat’ list.” Doug Stevenson, La Mirada, California
“We’re the chosen ones—saved from the grill!” Ariel Simmons, Carlsbad, New Mexico