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And the Winner Is...

The first documented case of identity theft. Lance Lee Russ, Gresham, Oregon

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our November/December contest. We are pleased to congratulate Lance Lee Russ of Gresham, Oregon, who wrote the winning caption.


Armed robbery! Ingram Truluck, Florence, South Carolina
Jacob presents himself as the “hair apparent.” Bruce Tucker, Lonoke, Arkansas

Honorable Mention

A blessing in disguise. Wanda Ellis, Falmouth, Kentucky
“Forget the mutton. You found my hairpiece—that deserves a blessing!” Michael Goldberg, Englewood, New Jersey
“I’m here to apply for the blessing. My mother re-fur-red me to you.” Douglas B. Neiner, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
“Isaac, he’s not trying to pull the wool over your eyes!” Bill Owen, Darien, Illinois
Esau would kick himself forever that he put off taking dad to the opthamologist. John Davis, Rapid City, South Dakota
“Of course it’s him, darling! Do you have another son that wears Sheepsmell No. 5?” Norm Beze, Simi Valley, California
Isaac is about to feel sheepish. Jim McCrea, Galena, Illinois