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And the Winner Is...

So! It was something I ate! Peter Sellers, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our November/December contest. We are pleased to congratulate Peter Sellers of Winnipeg, Manitoba, who wrote the winning caption.


We know that God had many ways to lead you to repentance, so we thank him for choosing Repentance Whale Watching Tours. The local time in Nineveh is 10:30 a.m. Derek R. Brown, Arlington, Virginia
I should've upgraded to business class! Rev. David Willerup, Muskegon, Michigan

Honorable Mention

Sorry, Mr. Crusoe. Mistook you for someone else. David Douglass, Bobcaygeon, Ontario
Thanks, but next time is there any chance you could swallow some breath mints? Robert Lunt, Salt Lake City, Utah
Look, I appreciate the ride, but I hope you're not waiting for a tip! Jim Dalton, Wenham, Massachusetts
Come on, give it up. I know you've got Pinocchio and his dad in there! Arlene Schroeder, Yorktown, Texas
It just goes to show, you can't keep a good man down! Robert G. Zimmer, Interlochen, Michigan
I should've booked that trip to Tarshish through Doug Ward, Oxford, Ohio
I can't wait to tell the guys about the one that got away! Kevin Tharp, Oracle, Arizona