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And the Winner Is...

“A stitch in time saves wine!” G.E. Mullan of San Antonio, Texas

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our May/June 2012 cartoon (see Matthew 9:14–17; Mark 2:21¬22; Luke 5:33–39). We are pleased to congratulate G.E. Mullan of San Antonio, Texas, who wrote the winning caption.


“Well...looks like another road trip to Cana this weekend!” Leander Aulisio, Arlington, Virginia
“What did you expect from ‘Made in Moab’?” Leslie Iwaskow, Brooklyn, New York

Honorable Mention

“I told you, the old goat can’t hold his wine.” David Evans, Converse, Texas
“Someone keyed your carcus.” Jeremy Robb, Anthem, Arizona
“I told you to upgrade to Wineskin 2.0!” Adam Rubinstein, Rockville, Maryland
“There’s a hole in the wineskin, dear Elijah, dear Elijah...” Andre Brown, Kerang, Victoria, Australia
“Oh Jacob, a good wine is a terrible thing to waste.” Tim Shaver, Winter Park, Florida
“Don’t you just hate those long johns with the flap in the back?” David Douglass, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada
“You know, they have a pill for bladder leakage.” Larry Love, Vero Beach, Florida
“Don’t whine over spilt wine.” Joseph Girouard, Falls Church, Virginia
“Isn’t that the roadkill I saw on the road to Jerusalem?” Stanley Cordell, Loysburg, Pennsylvania
“Perhaps camel-skin bottles would be better for these dry wines.” John Raz, Ovilla, Texas
“I told you that sheep had an appendectomy.” Stephen Schmitt, Richardson, Texas