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And the Winner Is...

“The original Lord of the Rings!” Elizabeth Papazoglakis, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our May/June cartoon. We are pleased to congratulate Elizabeth Papazoglakis of Waukesha, Wisconsin, who wrote the winning caption.


“All that glitters is not God.” Jay Baggett, Sacramento, California
“I just threw a few gold rings into the fire and out jumps this golden calf.” Bill S. Baliles, Copperhill, Tennessee

Honorable Mention

“If he asks, tell him it’s a hood ornament for my new chariot.” Edgar M. Johnson, Phillipsburg, New Jersey
“Any way you paint it, it’s still a lot of bull.” Bob R. Galbreath, Goodlettsville, Tennessee
“I love it when an idol comes together.” Mark Rubin, Hockessin, Delaware
“Oh, is this what they mean by gold BULLion?” Wirt Cain, Strongsville, Ohio
“So what do you feed it—24 carrots?” Myrna Mehus, East Hartford, Connecticut
“If my brother saw this he would ‘have a cow’ and order calf-inated drinks for us all!” Steven Bonk, Rantoul, Illinois
“It’s a bull market for gold these days.” Karl Larew, New Park, Pennsylvania
“Moses will need more than two tablets for this headache.” Frank Walsh, Fairhope, Alabama
“Beef. It’s what for sinners.” Kevin Wadleigh, Plano, Texas
“I hope it tastes as good as it looks.” Charles Plott, Beavercreek, Ohio
“Aaron is human; the gold, bovine.” John Blackmon, Folsom, Louisiana
“Careful when Moses gets back—you know he’s on that de-calf kick!” Larry Roberts, Pasadena, California
“When I get done with this, you’re going to adore it!” Lawrence G. Rice, San Clemente, California
“A god on a stand is worth two in a bush.” Farin Wilbanks, Belden, Mississippi