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And the Winner Is...

“It’s hard to believe that in a few thousand years people will actually pay to be allowed to dig here.” Thomas Hamilton, Staten Island, New York

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our May/June contest. We are pleased to congratulate Thomas Hamilton of Staten Island, New York, who wrote the winning caption.


“Smile, guys, we may make the cover of BAR’s Dig Issue!” Randy McCracken, York, England
“I told you guys to join the union!”
Robert Briddick, Houston, Texas

Honorable Mention

“Don’t stop until you find my golf ball. That was a gift from Ramses!” TJ Bullock, Chicago, Illinois
“Jacob, what exactly did you think a ‘working vacation’ meant?” Jerald Angell, Springfield, Virginia
“I’ve been workin’ on the pyramids, all the live-long day. I’ve been workin’ on the pyramids, just to pass the time away...” Lynn Bennett, Abilene, Texas
“Man, talk about a dead-end job!” Jerry P. Schaertel, Rochester, New York
“Does he know what a straw boss is?” Curtis Strawbridge, Fort Washington, Maryland
“Let’s misspell his name.” Wanda Foote, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Joseph III still had a little pull. Rick Willis, Lebanon, Missouri
“I can’t wait ‘til next month, when I get the ‘Hebrew of the Month’ parking space!” Dan Snider, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
“Who do you think is bringing that guard the bagels and cream cheese?” Chaplain Jim Walker, Reeds Spring, Missouri
“They weren’t kidding when they said this Dig for a Day would be authentic!” Jeff Cruder, Springfield, Virginia
“Oh come on, every construction site has a sidewalk supervisor.” Daryl Fink, Salem, Ohio
“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Edward O’Neal, Boaz, Alabama
“I hope they clarify what this Sabbath is all about. It doesn’t seem fair that every seventh man rests.” Marvin Svingen, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
“Something about a new way to worship the sun god...” Robert Lunt, Salt Lake City, Utah
“Somebody needs to tell that guy Pharaoh put a prohibition on the use of straws!” Lawrence Smitley, Greer, South Carolina
“I’ve heard of pyramid schemes, but this is out of hand.” Fred Yellon, Las Cruces, New Mexico
“Moses supposeth condonence to dozeth, but Moses supposeth erroneously.” Edward Lowe, Ocean Gate, New Jersey
“Well, it looks like some people think they’re just a little more chosen than the rest of us.” Tim Tuinstra, Sparta, Michigan
And, lo, the Egyptians gave chaise to the people of Israel. Mike Smith, Mequon, Wisconsin