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And the Winner Is...

“Look at the bright side: At least we don’t have a problem with flies anymore!” Lawrence McElroy, Alexander, Arkansas

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our May/June contest. We are pleased to congratulate Lawrence McElroy of Alexander, Arkansas, who wrote the winning caption.


“Uh-oh. Moses is deploying amphibian forces.” Elinor P. Nichols, North Scituate, Massachusetts
“Fine, but in three weeks don’t tell me that dead cow legs are French gourmet! Now please go and negotiate with Moses.” Eddie Gornish, Palo Alto, California

Honorable Mention

“Cleopatra, your kiss was supposed to turn frogs into prices—not the other way around!” Vickie Wagner, Murphysboro, Illinois
“Well, dear, think of it this way: If the next plague is butter and cilantro, we are in great shape!” Larry Roberts, Pasadena, California
“I’ve heard of having a frog in one’s throat, but this is ridiculous!” Saul Stokar, Raanana, Israel
“You just had to teach him to fetch!” Rachel Breczinski, Marshall, Minnesota
“More plagues?! I knew that realtor was covering up something!” Ingram Truluck, Florence, South Carolina
“Does this look better on me than the cobra?” Belva Green, Tarpon Springs, Florida
“Must be leap year.” Robert E. Urbanek, Pagosa Springs, Colorado
“Could this be a froggy day in Cairo town?” Louis Esposito, Bridgeport, Connecticut
“Mom always said, ‘When life gives you frogs, make frog legs.’” Norman Derouin, Phoenix, Arizona
“When my mother suggested filling the house with the pitter-patter of little feet, I don’t think this is what she had in mind.” Bryan Picken, Freeland, Michigan
“I don’t know, the salesman assured me that this was the latest in mosquito control, but I think we’ve been had!” Larry Roberts, Pasadena, California