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And the Winner Is...

"Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane ... no, it's God, and he doesn't look happy!" Colin Sipling, East Berlin, Pennsylvania

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our May/June contest. We are pleased to congratulate Colin Sipling of East Berlin, Pennsylvania, who wrote the winning caption.


"It's too high! Air traffic control wants us to pull it down." M.W. Tong, Singapore
"We could convert it into condos, if that's okay with you, God?" Mary Jo Windels, Monroe, Michigan

Honorable Mention

"I'm sorry she broke off the engagement, Goliath, but you still owe us for this wedding cake!" Wayne Hodgins, Cote St. Luc, Quebec
"Okay, Fred, that's it! You hit the baseball up there on top, so now it is your turn to get it!" Thomas Wall, Pasadena, Texas
What they didn't expect was his reaction to the sky-high birthday cake! Chris Longbine, Amarillo, Texas
They knew that if they played dumb long enough, Bernie would be the first to scatter abroad. Joel Holt, Rogersville, Alabama
The Biblical Village People split up after they failed to choreograph the "Y.H.W.H." Creighton Lovelace, Forest City, North Carolina
"Yeah, John, you know what? I just don't think the Saturday Night Fever moves are gonna help get us out of this one." Joe Marotta, Studio City, California
"Great, we just get it clean and here come the birds!" Randall Rowland, Canton, Michigan
"How do you propose that we get the bride and groom on top of that thing?" Gregory D. Lucas, Bellevue, Washington
"... and the insurance company will surely say: ‘An act of God!'" Milo Velebir, Duncraig, Washington
Their new language problem aside, the builders soon realized that no one had thought to mention stairs. Jason Steele, Westfield, Massachusetts
"If that's the size of the wedding cake, I'd hate to see how big the bride and groom are!" Marilyn Mills, Anaheim, California