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If only Jesus multiplied these fish, I’d be rich. Charlie Niece, Harrington Park, New Jersey

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our March/April 2013 cartoon (see Matthew 17:24–27). We are pleased to congratulate Charlie Niece of Harrington Park, New Jersey, who wrote the winning caption.


“Hmm, if I come down here tomorrow with my net, maybe I can get my mortgage paid off early.” Barbara Hahn, Port Richey, Florida
“So this is why they call them goldfish!” Cyndi Calvert, Athena, Oregon

Honorable Mention

“Nuts! This is a catch-and-release fishing pond!” Lynn Arney, Berthoud, Colorado
“Put me back and I’ll bring you every shekel they throw in the fountain.” Richard Grossman, Wilmington, Delaware
“Taxes! Taxes! You pay through the mouth!” Eugenia W. Bosse, Pensacola, Florida
“I hope I’m not taking the bait on another one of those online fishing scams!” Cynthia Nuara, Richmond, Virginia
“Thar’s gold in them thar gills!” Norman Shannon, Korora, New South Wales, Australia
“This is the last coin. From now on, we’re only minting Sea-notes.” Pat Foley, Homer Glen, Illinois
“Of course, when Peter told the story, the fish was twice as big.” Stephen Adamcik, La Mirada, California
“Throw me back! He said ‘fisher of men!’” John Stein, Pensacola, Florida
“Something’s fishy about our taxes this year!” Josie Tabor, Traskwood, Arkansas
“Don’t worry if you get audited. The money came from an offshore shell corporation.” Alan Barlow, Sherman Oaks, California