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And the Winner Is...

I saw it at Macy’s for half the price Rena Cutler, Roswell, Georgia

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our March/April contest. We are pleased to congratulate Rena Cutler of Roswell, Georgia, who wrote the winning caption.


“Next, he’ll be telling us he dreamed his life story was made into a musical.” Joseph Threlkeld, St. Louis, Missouri
“And we didn’t even get a lousy T-shirt!” Betty B. Daniell, Columbus, Ohio

Honorable Mention

“Dreamcoat? That’s a fashion nightmare!” Denis Christopherson, Waupun, Wisconsin
“He’s gonna be wearing black and blue next.” Amanda Utterback, Concord, California
“Well, well, well... he’s just digging a hole for himself with that kind of attitude!” Linda Gustafson, Woodland, Washington
“Looks like somebody added a little too much starch to the laundry!” Joel Cook, Houston, Texas
“Oh Yeah? Just wait until he gets the dry cleaning bill!” Yossi Liebowitz, Spartanburg, South Carolina
“You should have seen the sheep that coat came from” Dave Chalenburg, Searcy, Arkansas
“Pretty soon the one that got away will be as big as Jonah’s whale!” Dan Wilcox, Londonderry, New Hampshire
“I draw the line if he wants us to sing back up.” Darnell Rogers, Arden, North Carolina
“If he doesn’t stop saying, ‘Look, I’m a rainbow!’ I swear I’ll find a hole and drop him in it.” Doug Johnston, Redmond, Washington
“I hate to admit it, but the vertical stripes DO make him look thinner!” Martin Bowers, Lexington, South Carolina
“Now do you believe that Dad’s color blind?” Norman Lindley, Alamogordo, New Mexico
“Now I suppose he’ll want matching accessories too!” Bob Verdierf, Murphy, North Carolina