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And the Winner Is...

“Alright, already! I’ll ask for directions.” Michael Robinaugh, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our March/April contest. We are pleased to congratulate Michael Robinaugh of Grand Rapids, Michigan, who wrote the winning caption.


“Please, Lord, remember I’m a DONKEY. He’s the ASS.” Susan Lund, Green Brook, New Jersey
“He has sent me to save your ass.” Bobby Ray, Pinehurst, Texas

Honorable Mention

“I bet Mr. Ed never had to put up with this!” Ron Peschke, Richmond, Texas
Suddenly Balaam realized he was speaking to an ass, who had earlier reached the same conclusion. Douglas Rollwage, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
“I’m from the ASPCA. Angels’ Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Asses. You’re in big trouble, fella!” Everett Garrison, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
“Instead of blindness, could you just make him lighter?” Ken Isgrigg, Medina, New York
“I told you this would happen if you rode me 25 mph in a yeshiva zone.” Ed Kovach, Steubenville, Ohio
In Biblical times, road-rage carried more than just a fine. Lawrence Ore, Pleasant Hill, Missouri
“I told you to ask for directions before, but oh no, you knew where we were going!” Lucie Bradley, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Unfortunately for Balaam, the archangel Michael was also a member of PETA. Elliott Hancock, Mountain View, Arizona
“What do you mean Shrek 4 has been cancelled?” Renee Hon, Meridian, Idaho