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March/April 2007 Winner

And the Winner Is...
I sure wish Uriah would hurry up and finish the bathroom addition!
—Dennis L. Hefty, Salem, Oregon
Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our March/April contest. We are pleased to congratulate Dennis L. Hefty of Salem, Oregon, who wrote the winning caption.
Don't worry, dear! We believe in the "low chronology," so there's really nobody up there watching!
—Christoph Jungen, Stettlen, Switzerland

My, they build things fast these days! Seems like that tower went up overnight since you moved in, Bathsheba!
—Hannah Meddaugh, Houston, Texas
Honorable Mention
Calgon, bring her to me!
—G. Wesley Dicken, Lincoln, Nebraska

Don't throw that "babe" out with the bath water. Bring her to me instead.
—Steve Peake, Grand Ledge, Michigan

Ignore him, honey. Better to get yourself a doctor.
—James Davis, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

It's good to be the king!
—Sherif N. Messih, Thornhill, Ontario

Pay no attention to him, dear. It's only King Lear.
—Robert C. Whitney, Metairie, Louisiana

I told you it wasn't a misprint when the ad said, "Room with a viewer."
—Wayne Turner, Winnipeg, Manitoba

I'm sorry, dear, this little one is all we have. The king recalled all the big towels yesterday.
—Steve Corey, Montrose, Colorado