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And the Winner Is...

“We got ‘em now, kid—it‘s in the bag!” Jan Sessions, Marietta, Georgia

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our July/August 2012 cartoon (see Genesis 44). We are pleased to congratulate Jan Sessions of Marietta, Georgia, who wrote the winning caption.


“Birth order—it‘s always the youngest who gets the blame.” Veronica Hutchins, Farmingdale, Maine
“And now for my Danny Kaye impressions: Put the chalice from the palace in the sack with the snack.” Valma M. Bartlett, Oak Harbor, Washington

Honorable Mention

“Darn it, I really wanted a secret decoder ring!” Sandy Wren, Temecula, California
“I think this one might be Benjamin‘s; I see he brought along a copy of Slig-Shotters Illustrated.” Dan and Fran Moore, House Springs, Missouri
“Did you take the towels and the little soaps too?” Doug Ward, Oxford, Ohio
“Eenie, meenie, miney, mo, into this sack it will go. When they find it, they won‘t know, that their brother made it so.” Roy Lamberton, Seaford, Delaware
“And a cup o‘ Joe to go!” Paul Wilcenski, Danville, Virginia
“I don‘t think putting prizes in cracker jack bags will catch on.” Charles Woolson, Citrus Heights, California
“Okay, frozen foods and the silver cup go on the bottom. Bread and eggs go on top.” Tim Cannon, Osceola, Iowa