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And the Winner Is...

“Are you kidding? Peter can eat this all by himself!” Franklin Lewis, Goldsboro, North Carolina

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our July/August contest. We are pleased to congratulate Franklin Lewis of Goldsboro, North Carolina, who wrote the winning caption.


“If I had this to do over again, I would have cleaned the fish before they multiplied.” Ken Anderson, Edina, Minnesota
“He said dinner for how many? Holy mackerel!” Michael H. Jahn, St. Cloud, Minnesota

Honorable Mention

“I told you not to mention the party on Facebook!” Andrew Brown, North Berwick, East Lothian, United Kingdom
“I thought we agreed—just a few family and friends.” Larry Roberts, Pasadena, California
“Why do I always get the ‘raw’ end of the deal?” Joel Hawley, Chisholm, Minnesota
“And the third one was this big, but it got away.” Milo Velebir, Duncraig, WA, Australia
“While you were loafing, I was fishing.” Oscar, Sacramento, California
“I told him we should have made this potluck.” Wes Mason, Glen Allen, Virginia
“Guess who’s coming to dinner!” Cindy Perry, Temple, Texas
“And no one thought to bring the tartar sauce?” John W. Brown, Lewisville, Arkansas
“A filet o’ fish sandwich? It will never catch on.” Teresa Espinosa, Columbia, Tennessee
“I know your loaves have multiplied, but these two are actually saying their times tables!” James Warren, Federal Way, Washington
“This is the last time I cater one of his gatherings. He’s never even close on the head count!” Donald Flathman, Glenside, Pennsylvania