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And the Winner Is...

The original text message. Sylvia Reddick, Conway, South Carolina

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our November/December contest. We are pleased to congratulate Sylvia Reddick of Conway, South Carolina, who wrote the winning caption.


“That’s nothing. You should see what he wrote on the bathroom wall.” Rodney Linderman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“Alright already! I’ll call the Ghostbusters.” Jacob Sinowetski, Walls, Mississippi

Honorable Mention

“Hey Belshazzar! Introduce us to your new ‘write’ hand man!” Vanessa Morton, Athens, Texas
“I know we need a fourth hand for bridge—but this is ridiculous!” —Robert Korte, San Jose, California
“I’d like to buy a vowel.” TJ Bullock, Chicago, Illinois
“All right already! This time I’ll leave a tip!” Walter C. Jants, Tallahassee, Florida
“Belzy, I think it’s that new ‘digital’ communication.” Wayne E. Miller, Millersburg, Ohio
“’Numbered, weighed and divided.’ My accountants sure know how to spoil a good party!” Carol S. Vail, Lexington, Ohio