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And the Winner Is...

Come on, Adam, that whole fig leaf look is, like, so-o-o pre-Serpent. Ken Anderson, Edina, Minnesota

We received hundreds of entries for the July/August 2006 cartoon caption contest! Thank you to all who submitted captions. We are pleased to congratulate Ken Anderson of Edina, Minnesota, who wrote the winning caption.


Don't tell me you've become a minimalist!* Frank Booth, Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Adam! How many times have I told you to put something on when we're appearing in Biblical Archaeology Review! Do you have any idea how many letters canceling subscriptions your bare backside will cause? Steven Gentry, Rockford, Illinois

Honorable Mention

Casual Friday? Jim Graham, Scottsdale, Arizona
Look Adam, just because I am named Eve does not mean I will run around naked in the back yard with you! Rodney Dickerson, Homer, Louisiana
If God had wanted us to just wear leaves, he wouldn't have invented the shopping mall. Jeffrey Wagner, Folsom, California
Ben, I know you were into method acting in college, but I don't think it's going to work for sermon preparation. Neil Young, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
What do you think of my new Fall outfit? Madeleine Lavine, Jerusalem, Israel

* In the world of Biblical studies, a minimalist is one who denies the historicity of the early periods of Israelite history recounted in the Bible.