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And the Winner Is...

Rover, don’t you just love it when the kids have a food fight? Barbara Rider, Elyria, Ohio

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our January/February 2013 cartoon (see Mark 7:27–28; Matthew 15:26–27). We are pleased to congratulate Barbara Rider of Elyria, Ohio, who wrote the winning caption.


“Under the Master’s table we may get crumbs, but under the kids’ table we get a whole meal!” Ann Luce, Clearwater, Florida
“Here’s to making the best of a crummy situation!” Carol Ann Boudreau, Grand Bay-Westfield, Canada

Honorable Mention

“Why can’t they ever have food fights when they’re having lamb chops?” Brant N. Bordelon, Coushatta, Louisiana
“I wish they weren’t such good jugglers...I’m getting hungry!” James R. Crouse, Fort Wayne, Indiana
“And WE had to go to obedience school.” Tim Shaver, Winter Park, Florida
“The trickle-down theory makes sense to me.” Doug Ward, Oxford, Ohio
“Patience is a virtue, my friend.” Rev. Brian Tracy, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
“And they call us animals!” Paul Perkins, Aledo, Illinois
“Just think—if we were pigs we’d be getting pearls instead.” Robert McFadden, Middleton, Nova Scotia, Canada
“Kosher, smosher. If it hits the ground, I am eating it.” Carroll Rhodes, Tahoka, Texas
“It’s a crummy job, but someone’s gotta do it.” Dale Stout, Colorado Springs, Colorado
“This is all ‘under the table’ income, Spot.” Steven Meigs, Tampa, Florida