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And the Winner Is...

“That little thing cost me an arm and a leg” Ray McDonald, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our January/February 2012 cartoon. We are pleased to congratulate Ray McDonald of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, who wrote the winning caption.


“I agree it doesn’t look like much, but humans would just die for a bite!” Ellis Lee, Longwood, Florida
“No, son, the apple on the tree was not the problem. It was the pair on the ground.” Richard Hueter, Cooks, Michigan

Honorable Mention

“It’s gonna be one small bite for man, one giant fall for mankind.” M. Cwibeker, Woodmere, New York
“Be like God?! You don’t have a leg to stand on!” Elizabeth Yarmark, Westerville, Ohio
“I know we are going to get blamed for this for years to come. Let’s go to Ireland.” John Batts, Midway, Kentucky
“On the other hand, she can’t complain that her husband never listens to her.” Laura Burns, Galveston, Texas
“I heard that an apple a day keeps the doctrine away.” Donna M. Ellsworth, Lyle, Washington
“Actually, this can cause a fall worse than a banana peel.” Wirt Cain, Strongsville, Ohio
“They make a good pie, but I prefer devil’s food cake.” John Raz, Ovilla, Texas
“Yep, pleasing to the eye but murder to the legs!” Rick Tucker, Bartlesville, Ohio
“I don’t think Eve appreciated the gravity of the situation.” Martin Bowers, Lexington, South Carolina
“Yes, she will fall for it!” Nancy Curry, San Antonio, Texas