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And the Winner Is...

“But my psychoanalyst said sometimes a cup is just a cup.” Yossi Liebowitz, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our January/February cartoon. We are pleased to congratulate Yossi Liebowitz of Spartanburg, South Carolina, who wrote the winning caption.


“I see in your future—days of wine and Pha-roses.”
Rabbi David Wucher, Huntington, West Virginia
“All I can tell you is your hangover will be less severe than the baker’s.”
Steve Hoffman, Farmer City, Illinois

Honorable Mention

“Vino, vidi, vici! (I came, I saw, I concord.)”
Lana Stedman, Hockley, Texas
“I see a great future for you, O, Man of Shevet.”
Anita L. O’Donnell, Dunnellon, Florida
“So Joseph, you really think I should call it a ‘cup of Joe’?”
Edgar M. Johnson, Phillipsburg, New Jersey
“Am I to be or not to be?”
Bart Hansen, Virginia Beach, Virginia
“I don’t care what the baker said, Joseph—red wine with lean beef and white with bird.”
William Krupp, Raleigh, North Carolina
“Sure, I can diVINE your dream...and I’ve got GRAPE news for you!”
Jennifer Hartenburg, Irvine, California
“I heard it through the grape vine, not much longer will you be confined.”
Michael Plotkin, Holmes, New York
“Quit wine-ing, everything’s gonna be grape!”
Brenda Star, South Prairie, Washington
“If you think Pharaoh will believe that one, you are dreaming.”
John Raz, Ovilla, Texas
“Thank you, Joseph. I’ll drink to that.”
Claude Gandy, Spring, Texas