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And the Winner Is...

“I thought we had agreed on a hundred-shekel limit.” Barbara W. Sass, Boston, Massachusetts

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our November/December contest. We are pleased to congratulate Sylvia Reddick of Conway, South Carolina, who wrote the winning caption.


“His one-upmanship frankly incenses me!” John Ryan, Southwich, Massachusetts
“You know, a gift subscription to BAR would be so much easier.” Larry VanArendonk, Indianapolis, Indiana

Honorable Mention

“A wise man would have sent it UPS.” Carolyn Stanley, Maysville, Missouri
“That will never get through security.” David Ness, Moorhead, Minnesota
“Tell Mary the receipt is in the box.” Steven Migioia, Summerville, South Carolina
“It’s a lifetime subscription to BAR!” Charles Stair, Bend, Oregon
“Hey Melchior, haven’t you heard that size doesn’t matter?” David McKenas, Carrollton, Texas
“I know you’re a wise man, but did you remember to take the price tags off?” George C. Stewart, Jr., Meriden, Connecticut
“Larry, bringing the kitchen sink is only a figure of speech.” Justin Parsons, Knoxville, Tennessee
“Obviously the recession hasn’t hit your part of the Orient yet.” Justin Parsons, Knoxville, Tennessee
“I don’t care what’s inside—I bet he has more fun with the box.” Tim Shaver, Winter Park, Florida
“Leave it to Balthasar to try and regift that Anubis urn.” John Carroll, Bloomington, Illinois