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January/February 2007 Winner

And the Winner Is...
You mean this isn't the Finkelstein Bar Mitzvah?
—Hilsa Ayonayon, Brisbane, California
Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our January/February contest. We are pleased to congratulate Hilsa Ayonayon of Brisbane, California, who wrote the winning caption.
Yeah, we played the Apollo just last month. Really brought the house down!
—Rich Fraher, Lakewood, New Jersey

Look, just because we're going around in circles does not mean we're lost!
—Farin Wilbanks, Belden, Mississippi
Honorable Mention
We're offering a free seven-day demonstration of something we like to call "surround sound."
—Darcy Champion

This next tune'll blow you away!
—David Nixon, Delmont, New Jersey

Hey, it's only our second time around. Shofar so good!
—Zane C. Hodges, Mesquite, Texas

Should we play it in B-flat?
—Blake Laing, Norman, Oklahoma

No one told us we needed a parade permit!
—Douglas Richards, Norristown, Pennsylvania

See if you can name this tune in three notes.
—Dennis Bradford, Clovis, California

We're with the band.
—Marge Meester, Edina, Minnesota

Can we help it if the only song we know is "It's a Small World"?
—Eric A. Seibert, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania