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Cartoon Caption Winners

September/October 2017

Is there no rest for the wordy? Rev. David Brown, Capon Bridge, West Virginia

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our September/October 2017 cartoon (above), based on Ecclesiastes 12:12. We are pleased to congratulate Rev. David Brown of Capon Bridge, West Virginia, who wrote the winning caption.


If only Moses had used a Kindle! Jules Glanzman, Indianapolis, Indiana
Verily, my bookcase runneth over. Karl Larew, New Park, Pennsylvania

Honorable Mention

And I thought the library at Alexandria was overwhelming. William Shackelford, Bangor, Maine
I should have just subscribed to BAR. Janet Deloriea, Poolesville, Maryland
Why I have to cite so many references for my thesis on Ecclesiastes 12:12 is beyond me! Kenneth Mills, Searcy, Arkansas
By the time I finish studying all these archaeology books, they will be digging me up! Dennis Isham, San Francisco, California
I am out of memory... Should I reboot? Billie Stachura, LaPlata, Maryland
So many books, so little time. L. Gene Hicks, Crossville, Tennessee
Yikes. If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, this much must be deadly! Joseph Lavelle, Moscow, Pennsylvania
Try as he might, he could not find that one authoritative quote he’d read just last week! Sharon Price, Stawell, Australia
All these books and not one remedy for a headache! Vickie, Murphysboro, Illinois
On second thought, I should have taken the Kindle option. Anthony Loke, Seremban, Malaysia
I thought the liberal arts were supposed to be liberating! Milton Jorgensen, Winchester, Kansas
If only I had been born a millennium earlier, this task would be much easier. Ellie Vermillion, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Oh, where are Cliff Notes when you need them? James Barrett, Worcester, Massachusetts
The angel said, ‘Eat this little book,’ and I thought, ‘What could happen?’ Donald Kimble, Saginaw, Michigan