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Cartoon Caption Winners

September/October 2016

Not only will we keep kosher, but I’ve seen the future, and vegan is all the rage! Chris Stanley, Yelm, Washington

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our September/October 2016 cartoon (above), based on Daniel 1:8–16. We are pleased to congratulate Chris Stanley of Yelm, Washington, who wrote the winning caption.


Jesus must have been here again. There’s plenty of wine. Michael Aaron Knight, Sugarloaf, California
But I ordered a pizza! Toni Randall, Ivins, Utah

Honorable Mention

A carrot a day keeps the lions away. Polk Culpepper, Washington, North Carolina
Let me save you from God’s wrath by trading you a carrot for that ham. Bernard Alpiner, Green Oaks, Illinois
Why don’t we call it the Mediterranean diet? Bernard Witlieb, White Plains, New York
But, Father, when you said you would dangle a carrot, I thought you were speaking metaphorically. Rich Wolf, Westminster, Maryland
Thanks, but we don’t need the bitter herbs until Passover. John Tusciuk, Saint Joseph, Maine
Gee, Mom, I see the carrot. Where’s the stick? Stephen Parkoff, Edison, New Jersey
Fellas, you have no idea how famous this diet might be! J.K. Kimball, Arcadia, Oklahoma
Diet? We’ve never heard of a Mediterranean diet. Mary V. Widhalm, New York, New York
Ok, vegetable boy, why can you see light in the dark places when we can’t? Donald Ashton, Farnborough, Hampshire, United Kingdom
But, Daddy, thou cannot live on vegetables alone! Donde Smith, Tucson, Arizona
But are they gluten-free? Onelio Marrero, Rockaway, New Jersey
But, I want ‘soul’ food! Lynn Jenkins, Louisville, Kentucky