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Cartoon Caption Winners

September/October 2015

Mais oui—no one thinks YOU are a gourmet treat!” Carroll Sheppard, Flourtown, Pennsylvania

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our September/October 2015 cartoon (see Proverbs 6:6). We are pleased to congratulate Carroll Sheppard of Flourtown, Pennsylvania, who wrote the winning caption.


“Sluggard, huh? You try carrying this big old shell around!” Arlene Beal, Cleveland, South Carolina
“So what’s your secret to success: hard work or communal participation?” Robert Frazier, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Honorable Mention

“Sluggard, eh? I’m not the one who has the time to go to all the weddings and picnics!” Lynda Broome, Denton, Texas
“But I have to carry my house on my back. Otherwise I could never make it home by bedtime!” David Saari, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
“Oh! He said slug-GARD?! Well maybe you have something for me while I’m here?” Sarah Rice Cason, Kettering, Ohio
“How come if ants are always so busy, they have time to show up at picnics?” Rodelio Mallari, Angeles, City, Pampanga, Philippines
“You may be wise, Mr. Ant, but the best archaeologists excavate at a snail’s pace.” Terrance Bartley, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
“Sorry I’m so late! That salt bed took it all out of me.” James Tucker, Scottsville, New York
“Easy come, easy escargot.” Dale Stout, Colorado Springs, Colorado
“I used to deliver mail, but I was replaced by the worldwide web!” Jeffrey Moran, St. Charles, Missouri
“I have this idea about starting a mail delivery service.” Sheldon Geringer, Alea, Hawaii
“Actually, I don’t have to commute. I work out of my house.” Bud Gruchalla, Chesterfield, Missouri
“You may be wise, but I am at home wherever I go.” Kathryn Montano, Sunnyvale, California
“And there were so many condominium rules, I just opted for private housing.” Jeffrey Wilson, St. Louis, Missouri
“I may not have six legs, but my mail is reliable and affordable!” Ben Lerner, Fairfield, Connecticut
“I hear you can carry a hundred times your weight. How about a lift?” Pat Pierce, Cleveland, Tennessee
“You know that tired old saying, ‘Good things come to those who wait’? … Not so much!” Jack Van Mark, Torrington, Wyoming