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Cartoon Caption Winners

November/December 2017

Is Saul also among the Samsonite luggage? Jim Meek, Sacramento, California

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our November/December 2017 cartoon (above), based on 1 Samuel 10:22. We are pleased to congratulate Jim Meek of Sacramento, California, who wrote the winning caption.


Oh, I thought he said, ‘Hail the king of Bag-dad.’ Ronald Burfield, Houston, Minnesota
Did anyone else have access to your bags after you packed them? Spike Jones, Dundalk, Maryland

Honorable Mention

Wow! The prophet was right; this king comes with a LOT of baggage! Jack Lindsey, Indianapolis, Indiana
I thought I’d save money if I traveled in the baggage compartment. Glen McMahan, Brookings, Oregon
Matt arrived here with his baggage an hour ago via UPS. John Barrera, Concord, North Carolina
As I said, my kingdom is not of this world! Shirley Vialpando, Borrego Springs, California
Wait! Show me your baggage claim tag for that. Diane Newcomer, Omaha, Nebraska
Saul, Saul, only the carry-on. Mike Juback, Lake Arrowhead, California
I told you he wouldn’t get past the security checkpoint. Bernard Witlieb, White Plains, New York
This crown should cover your excess baggage fee. Karl Sokol, Brookfield, Illinois
Fetch my oil; we found him! Christopher Morgan, Calhoun, Georgia
Oh, just keep it! I don’t have any room left in my carry-on luggage! Marie McCord, Oakland City, Indiana
So, this is what you call Samuel’s crowning achievement? Yossi Liebowitz, Spartanburg, South Carolina
And to crown it off, he comes with baggage! Lydia Main, Esslingen am Neckar, Germany