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Cartoon Caption Winners

November/December 2016

Could you call Jesus please? I’d rather have wine! Lisa Herickhoff, Fort Collins, Colorado

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our November/December 2016 cartoon (above), based on Genesis 24:18–20, 45–46. We are pleased to congratulate Lisa Herickhoff of Fort Collins, Colorado, who wrote the winning caption.


What a girl has to do to get a husband these days. Maren Lincks, Mena, Arkansas
Tap, bottled or well? Carol Cox, Brooklyn, New York

Honorable Mention

Don’t worry about the water, but if you see her with a needle, run for it! Carroll Sheppard, Flourtown, Pennsylvania
Meet, drink and be married. Carl Lloyd, Newberg, Oregon
When does it turn into wine? Charles Mazzei, New Castle, Pennsylvania
Drink up, boys! I’m working on getting a husband here! Carol Vail, Lexington, Ohio
Rebekah, you serve the best water, BAR none. Greg Rye, Omaha, Nebraska
Rebekah, many thanks for all your great cold water, but how do you expect us to fit through the eye of the needle now? P.B. McMorris, Tuftsville, Vermont
Ever the enterprising gal, Rebekah opens up the first desert filling station. Barbara Landry, Katy, Texas
Will that be one hump or two? Kevin Blevins, Orange, Virginia
Boy! Now if that were coffee! Stephen Webster, Wilmington, Delaware
I hear the food and lodging are excellent, too! It’s rated as 2 Golden Bracelets, and it earned a Golden Earring award! T. Casalino, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Fill ’er up, Becky. It’s a long drive back to the south country. C.M. Taylor, Calumet City, Illinois
May we have two slices of lemon with that? Mary Ledenham, Exeter, Missouri