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Cartoon Caption Winners

November/December 2015

“Oh, Santa! Whatever did I do to deserve this?!” Bridget Gaines, Cutler Bay, Florida

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our November/December 2015 cartoon. We are pleased to congratulate Bridget Gaines of Cutler Bay, Florida, who wrote the winning caption.


“Thanks, Santa … but does it have provenance?” Robert Haggerty, Charlotte, Tennessee
“No, Santa, I meant a candy bar—and while you’re at it, make it a Hershey’s bar.” Thomas Wickline, Washington, DC

Honorable Mention

“No, my boy, lumps of coal are for naughty children. The really bad ones get BAR.” Thomas W. Hamilton, Staten Island, New York
“I’m canceling my subscription on account of the lack of toys, Mr. Claus…” Bernard Kelley, Barrington, Rhode Island
“You were naughty, and I was out of coal for your stocking!” Martin Bowers, Lexington, South Carolina
“I thought you meant a CANDY BAR subscription!” Kathleen Polansky, New Salisbury, Indiana
“If you’re not in here, then you don’t really exist!” Larry Urbaniak, Lombard, Illinois
“I want a codex of an apocryphal gospel—and no forgeries this time, ok?” Doug Ward, Oxford, Ohio
“But, Sir, is there archaeological PROOF of your existence?” Wendy Boyd, Sweetwater, Tennessee
“How come you never bring me stuff from THIS catalog?” Douglas Zimmer, Snohomish, Washington
“I asked for a chocolate BAR!” Alfredo Quevedo, San Salvador, El Salvador
“Sorry, son, you won’t find me in that ‘good book’ either!” Carol North, Coventry, Connecticut
“According to BAR, you are simply an image preserving a tradition of a cultural memory redacted and compiled by multiple later editors.” Larry VanArendonk, Indianapolis, Indiana
“Gee, Santa, if you’re so old, why can’t I find you in the BAR publications?” Margaret C. Ludlum, Brunswick, New York
“Son, you don’t need to be 21 to enjoy this BAR.” Glenn McMurtrey, Cedar Hills, Utah