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Cartoon Caption Winners

November/December 2014

“With all of his audio-visual materials in hand, Solomon readies himself for his motivational seminar.” Lynne Greenberger, The Villages, Florida

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our November/December 2014 cartoon (see Proverbs 26:3). We are pleased to congratulate Lynne Greenberger of The Villages, Florida, who wrote the winning caption.


“Oh dear, what was it again? A lash for the ass, a bridle for the idle and a rod for the shod?” Chris Benoodt, Chicago, Illinois
“Neigh, bray and pray.” Pat Foley, Homer Glen, Illinois

Honorable Mention

“As usual, Nabal picked the short stick.” Vince LaPoint, Bellevue, Washington
“Who snitched to the SPCA?” Ray Lambert, Clearwater, Florida
“Is this a good time to talk ‘carrots’?” Glenn, Cedar Hills, Utah
“Now I’ll demonstrate how one size fits all.” Harvey Randall, Niskayuna, New York
“Now do you understand why I don’t care for Biblical literalists?” Arnold Karr, Columbia, South Carolina
“Since my eyesight is bad, the first to recite the Ten Commandments shall be spared.” Pamela Gibson, Riceville, Tennessee
“Welcome to the debate, candidates.” Don Moore, Yukon, Oklahoma
“Any volunteers?” Betty J. Houser, Knoxville, Tennessee
“Sorry! The short leash idea didn’t work on any of you.” Jerome Maday, Worcester, Massachusetts
“Ancient Boy Scout motto unchanged: Be prepared.” Bob Mason, Lodi, California
“A sit down? What do you mean ‘better working conditions?’” Rick Faulkner, Chemainus, BC, Canada
“King David ordered two Clydesdales! What are these?” Steven Haase, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin