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Cartoon Caption Winners

May/June 2017

Does the blessing include health coverage? Stephen Dowling, Pondok Indah, Jakarta, Indonesia

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our May/June 2017 cartoon (above), based on Genesis 32:22–30. We are pleased to congratulate Stephen Dowling of Pondok Indah, Jakarta, Indonesia, who wrote the winning caption.


After all that, a new name? How about a new hip or a pair of wings? John C. Burke, Nicholasville, Kentucky
Facing his greatest wrestling opponent to date, Jacob felt a bit underdressed. Timothy Fisher, Walkersville, Maryland

Honorable Mention

Let’s keep this wrestling under wraps, shall we? Jacquelyn Carrell, Terre Haute, Indiana
Ok, I’ll wait for the wings, but can I have the robe now? Tony Andrews, Bonsall, California
Greco-Roman or freestyle? Tom Vresics, Wilmington, Delaware
How about best two of three? Neil Earle, Duarte, California
Yikes … and I thought wrestling with demons would be tough! Zackary Robillard, Sittsville, Ontario, Canada
Is this where I get the Robe of Righteousness? Richard Curtis, Saint Louis, Missouri
I may be 97 years old, but on WrestleMania, they call me the Bruiser from Bethel. Doug Ward, Oxford, Ohio
Wrestled an angel, and all I got was this name. Sam Steuter, Phoenix, Arizona
It’s ok. Your robe is waiting for you. Vivian DeSoto, San Antonio, Texas
You know, Jacob, I’m really not into this all-night WrestleMania thing. Paul McMorris, Tuftsville, Vermont
Ya mean I had ta come ta meet ya at dis-location? Dorothy Porter, Columbus, Mississippi
Replacing my name? That’s fine—but what I could really use is a hip replacement! Rabbi David Wucher, Huntington, West Virginia
Sorry, but your wings still haven’t come back from the cleaners. Albert Chaki, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
The ultimate wrestling match: a gripping story with a lame ending! Lowell Wood, Muskegon, Mississippi