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Cartoon Caption Winners

May/June 2015

“Oh, and would you mind loaning me your lipstick, too?” Wayne I. Myers, Palm Springs, California

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our May/June 2015 cartoon (see Matthew 7:6). We are pleased to Wayne I. Myers of Palm Springs, California, who wrote the winning caption.


“But they didn’t say not to hand us pearls—just don’t THROW them!” Steve Dalzell, Washington, DC
“Actually, it’s more of a metaphor. I don’t think you really need to throw them at me.” David Palmer, Higganum, Connecticut

Honorable Mention

“The Curse of Ham.” Reb Punchball, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
“The first Gnostic miracle of Jesus: turning water into swine.” Kurt Thielen, Victorville, California
“You will get my pearls when pigs fly!” Joyce D. Haverty, Carmel, Indiana
“I know what the Good Book says, but those pearls would look great with my complexion!” Brad Labanowitz, Sweetwater, Tennessee
“Sure I can fly! Just give me your pearls, and I’ll show you.” Susan Lunday, Conway, Arkansas
“My husband is swine. What about yours?” John Motyka, Yardley, Pennsylvania
“What do you get when you cross a pig with a string of pearls? PORK and BEADS!” Janie Youhas, Mattoon, Illinois
“Can I divorce if my husband’s a pig?” Chet Rich, Marathon, Florida
“Thanks for saving my bacon. You can keep your pearls.” Dr. Trenton R. Ferro, Shorewood, Illinois
“Cast your eyes away from my pearls, porky, or be cast into my pearl-handled sausage grinder!” Thomas E. Wickline, Tacoma, Washington
“The last thing Rachel remembered before the game got ugly...” Sarah Cason, Kettering, Ohio
“Deviled Ham!” Glenn Cross, Burbank, Washington
“I will trade you pearls for a silk purse!” Andy Stafford, Bloomington, Indiana