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Cartoon Caption Winners

May/June 2014

“If I find land when I explore, I’ll be back ‘Nevermore.’” Keith Shelby, Salem, Indiana

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our March/April 2014 cartoon (see Genesis 8:7–8). We are pleased to congratulate Keith Shelby of Salem, Indiana, who wrote the winning caption.


“I told him to take his seasickness pill, but noooah...” Karl Larew, New Park, Pennsylvania
“No GPS? Send the dove.” James Barrett, Worcester, Massachusetts

Honorable Mention

“He said to forget looking for land...thinks that’s his mother-in-law swimming toward us.” Bill Hall, Lexington, Kentucky
“Noah’s been depressed since one unicorn fell overboard.” Jim Egge, Minneapolis, Minnesota
“Oops! I dropped my GPS.” Arthur Cohn, Portola Valley, California
“Forget about the olive branch; see if you can find some Dramamine.” Bruce Janiga, Union, New Jersey
“If I can’t redeem my frequent flyer miles, I’m not coming back!” Billy A. Grover, Milwaukie, Oregon
“Ok, you go first.” James B. North, Santa Barbara, California
“Why won’t you stop and ask directions?” Roy Strauss, Deerfield, Illinois
“Noah has second thoughts on saving the mocking bird.” John Haak, Los Gatos, California
“He still hasn’t gotten over not finding the unicorns.” Richard Gist, Princeton, Minnesota
“So Noah, do you really think that Dodo bird you sent out is coming back?” Bill Omnes, Gig Harbor, Washington
“His climate change forecast was right on!” Harold Mirels, Rolling Hills Estates, California
“Remember what I said, Dove: Don’t bring anything back, or he may use you as a thanks offering.” Joshua Roth, Harlan, Indiana