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Cartoon Caption Winners

March/April 2017

The wolf couldn’t make it. We’re here to lie down with the lamb. Joseph Lavelle, Moscow, Pennsylvania

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our March/April 2017 cartoon, based on 1 Samuel 17:34–36. We are pleased to congratulate Joseph Lavelle of Moscow, Pennsylvania, who wrote the winning caption.


You got us all wrong, Davey. We’re vegan. Arlene McConnell, Cass City, Michigan
But we were told it would help with insomnia, honestly! Richard Bateman, Greencastle, Pennsylvania

Honorable Mention

I don’t care what it says in Isaiah. You’re not lying down with the lamb. Jonathan Marvin, Baltimore, Maryland
We thought he was the proverbial wolf! Phyllis Lennon, Wind Ridge, Pennsylvania
I said … ‘Lie down!’ J. Brad Allen, Stephenville, Texas
I’ve heard of wool trousers, but aren’t you supposed to shear the sheep first? Gary Newsum, Atlanta, Georgia
You two don’t look like livestock inspectors to me! Joseph Lavelle, Moscow, Pennsylvania
No animals were harmed in the making of these shorts. Ben Miller, Bethesda, Maryland
But we just want to pet him! Carole M. Lunde, Lee’s Summit, Missouri
Honest! We just wanted to play with him for awhile. Gerald Elder, Tyrone, Georgia
Another sheep-less night. Douglas Pusateri, Surprise, Arizona
No! We’re not even close to Pesach, she’s the wrong gender, and I’m sure you don’t keep kosher! Ernie Jurick, Portland, Oregon
No really, I promise we’re vegetarians! Patrick V. Dye, Independence, Missouri
Hey, hold on! We were planning to take it to the Animal Shelter! Calvin E. Higgens, Indianapolis, Indiana