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Cartoon Caption Winners

March/April 2015

“If I can get this thing home, I’ll never have to chop firewood again.” Rev. David M. Brown, Capon Bridge, West Virginia

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our March/April 2015 cartoon (see Exodus 3:1–6). We are pleased to congratulate Rev. David M. Brown of Capon Bridge, West Virginia, who wrote the winning caption.


“I get the message. Bush for president.” Richard Fogel, Walnut, California
“May I ask one more question? How far are we from the creation of the marshmallow?” Armand L. Circharo, Jr., Nashua, New Hampshire

Honorable Mention

“Once again Zipporah forgot to pack the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate.” Dawnmarie Cecora, Crocker, Missouri
“No, don’t worry—you’re thinking of Mount Moriah.” Corinna Nichols, Seattle, Washington
“Jethro, is this one of your practical jokes? It’s Horeb-al.” Rick Taylor, Olympia, Washington
“Now what did Zipporah say? Preheat tree to 600 degrees, then lower it to how much?” Mary Craven, Latham, New York
“You don’t have to give me the third degree over it.” Pat Foley, Homer Glen, Illinois
“I had to take off my shoes; you better take off your coat.” Barbara Speed, Melbourne, Australia
“The bush was not consumed. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the sheep.” Chris Lofgren, Peoria, Illinois
“Holy smoke! He’s going to hold my feet to the fire.” Carol Callaway, Marietta, Georgia
“Yahweh doesn’t beat around the bush.” C. Rodgers Close, Beverly, Massachusetts
“Don’t worry, little guy, it isn’t a barbecue, but I think Holy One is cooking something up!” Virginia Kimball, Westford, Massachusetts
“Moses hadn’t planned on having lamb chops for dinner, but an eye-opening encounter changed his main course.” Daniel Light, Aurora, Colorado
“Remember, only ewe can prevent bush fires.” Brian Knight, Ladoga, Indiana
“Man, I gotta get one of these for my tent…” Kirk Hutchinson, Denver, Colorado