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Cartoon Caption Winners

July/August 2017

I know I’m supposed to love them, but do I have to give up my room? Betty Herring, Darlington, South Carolina

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our July/August 2017 cartoon (above), based on Leviticus 19:34. We are pleased to congratulate Betty Herring of Darlington, South Carolina, who wrote the winning caption.


Can we borrow your BAR? Paul Boeker, Omaha, Nebraska
I think we’re okay with everything except the soccer. John Fewkes, Abilene, Texas

Honorable Mention

They gave me a green card right away. They wouldn’t mess with a soccer mom. Ritchie Robinson, North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
What line? Oh that! A former tenant—he’s now building walls at the White House. Lou Quethera, Geneva, New York
What were you expecting? A loin cloth and shaved head like King Tut? Russ Newcomer, Omaha, Nebraska
Welcome! You’ll love the neighborhood. Cynthia Yaroshoff, San Francisco, California
Folks, don’t worry. Some 3,000 years ago, we went through the same thing, and look at us now! Gavriella Harel, Modiin, Israel
They didn’t tell you this was one of those family swap game shows?? Jared Lenz, Vaihingen, Germany
But the sign said, ‘Give me your tired.’ Irene Gamsky, Appleton, Wisconsin
Look who’s coming for dinner. Mary Buhr, Milford, Illinois
Are you allowed to have a dog? Werner Schulz, Melbourne, Florida
Shalom, y’all. Larry VanArendonk, Indianapolis, Indiana
Mid-West meets Mid-East. Paul Boeker, Omaha, Nebraska
Of course you’re welcome here, and don’t mind the dog. Really, he’s very friendly. Doug Martin, San Diego, California