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Cartoon Caption Winners

July/August 2016

“I decided not to wing it.” Al Stremble, Larkspur, Colorado

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our July/August 2016 cartoon, based on Genesis 28:10–15. We are pleased to congratulate Al Stremble of Larkspur, Colorado, who wrote the winning caption.


“Sorry for the delay, Jacob, but Health and Safety will only permit one angel on the ladder at a time now.” Paul Goff, Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom
“I sure hope you have a stair lift for me when it’s my time to enter heaven, Lord. I have a feeling my hip is not going to be working the same in the future!” Kimberly Myers, Hudson, Ohio

Honorable Mention

“We have to resort to ladders because technically this is a no-fly zone.” Hilsa Ayonayon, Brisbane, California
“It seems the elevator is broken.” Diane Callaham, Honea Path, South Carolina
“Hi Jacob. I’m from the Church of Ladder-Day Saints!” Joe Freedman, Jerusalem, Israel
“Careful down that ladder, or you’ll be a fallen angel.” Andrew Halloway, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
“Jacob, the land you stand on has been given to you, but the ladder is not included.” Dianne Vezza, Elmhurst, Illinois
“Even being an angel has its ups and downs.” Susie Earnest, Fort Worth, Texas
“I’m sorry, Jacob. I talked to ‘the man upstairs,’ but you still gotta work for 14 years!” Rhonda Hampton, Joelton, Tennessee
“I’m sorry, Jacob. Your ancestors’ location was uploaded to the cloud, and as you know, only God knows where it is.” Marrianne Wells, Altamonte Springs, Florida
“I swear, Jack, there is no golden goose.” Jerome Hoffman, Broomall, Pennsylvania
“I’m here from IT to tell you about the benefits of storage in The Cloud.” Carol Callaway, Marietta, Georgia
“No, this is not the way to the golden goose.” David Stahmer, Chandler, Arizona
“Did you happen to come across my harp?” Angeline Philip, Chennai, Tennessee
“What? Cloudy vision, Jake?” Jola Bortner, Rohnert Park, California
“Phew! Much better than a beanstalk!” Alan Grant, Nicholasville, Kentucky