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Cartoon Caption Winners

July/August 2015

“Your cup runneth over (your pants).” Bernard Alpiner, Green Oaks, Illinois

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our July/August 2015 cartoon (see Ecclesiastes 10:19). We are pleased to congratulate Bernard Alpiner of Green Oaks, Illinois, who wrote the winning caption.


“Here son. Go buy yourself a strong cup of coffee, get cleaned up, and I won’t tell Mother.” Diedre Cagle, Spring Hill, Florida
“I guess we didn’t pay you enough to be the ‘designated’ camel driver!” Jerry Ackerman, Dover, Ohio

Honorable Mention

“Shekel for your thoughts.” Dr. Thomas A. Riley, Brentwood, Tennessee
“Now please go out and buy more communion wine.” C. Thomas Howes, Havertown, Pennsylvania
“Here, young man, is a shekel. Call a chariot. Don’t drink and drive a camel!” Dr. Howard Davis, Torrance, California
“A penny for your thoughts.” Dr. Robert L. Beamer, Columbia, South Carolina
“Here’s a gold coin if you can tell me who turned your water into wine!” Don Dawson, Corona, California
“Here’s a shekel. Take a chariot home. You shouldn’t drink and drive.” C.M. Taylor, Calumet City, Illinois
“Money CAN buy happiness!” Sharon Ney, Roseville, California
“I’ll take two of whatever you’re having!” Martin Bowers, Lexington, South Carolina
“Son, wake up! Your cup is overflowing with wine. How are you ever going to get any money in it?” Janet Dobrich, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
“A shekel for a sip, please?” Ken Lewis, Lakeville, Minnesota
“Ten shekels if you tell me what that stuff is and where I can get some.” Martha Saulsbury, Arroyo Grande, Minnesota
“Here’s a denar to go lay someplace else.” Mary Ludwig, Aurora, Colorado
“Alms for some more …” Joshua Morris, Pipers Brook, Australia
“Here, buy a bigger cup.” R. Grzych, Fort Wayne, Indiana
“It’s a deal! Now give me that key you made to the wine closet!” Rev. John H. Valk, Horseheads, New York