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Cartoon Caption Winners

July/August 2014

“Let me know if you heard this before: ‘A wolf and a lamb walk into a BAR ...’” Linda Going Varnes, Nampa, Idaho

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our July/August 2014 cartoon (see Matthew 10:16). We are pleased to congratulate Linda Going Varnes of Nampa, Idaho, who wrote the winning caption.


“If you keep your mouth closed, we could be friends.” Judy Hanson, Bucklin, Kansas
“I'm thinking that three of us aren't going to like the menu.” Rita Lindahl, Tilden, Nebraska

Honorable Mention

“There are how many more therapy sessions?” Bill Brosey, Knoxville, Tennessee
“The first integrated lunch table in the animal world.” Ryan Blackwelder, Blaine, Washington
“Does this sheep suit make me look fat?” Michael Brewer, Smyrna, Tennessee
“The Ark was awesome! Pals forever, right?” Mitchell Jones, Missoula, Montana
“We think we have now reached our required diversification quotas.” J. Edward Kidder, Jr., Crossnore, North Carolina
“Ok, what time did you saw that Ark was going to pick us up?” Arthur A. Fabbro, Sr., Grand Rapids, Michigan
“Well, there goes the neighborhood.” TD Stone, Los Angeles, California
“Queue here for Noah's Ark speed dating.” Shirley Robins, Dunoon, Argyll, United Kingdom
“Of all the taverns in the ancient world, I end up with you guys!” Paul Jordan, Fullerton, California
“Hung jury.” Stephen James Moore, Naches, Washington
“Who gets to eat first?” Larry Urbaniak, Lombard, Illinois