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Cartoon Caption Winners

January/February 2017

Ok! I get it! Moses’ staff is NOT firewood. Tim McGeehan, Anacortes, Washington

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our January/February 2017 cartoon (above), based on Acts 28:3–4. We are pleased to congratulate Tim McGeehan of Anacortes, Washington, who wrote the winning caption.


There goes the snake up my sleeve! James Seward, Syracuse, New York
Just because the fire’s hot, there’s no reason to throw a hissy fit. Bernard Witlieb, White Plains, New York

Honorable Mention

Moses, like all of us, occasionally had a bad “staff meeting.” John Reside, Charleston, Illinois
Just what I need, another thorn in my flesh! Richard Shafer, Tennessee Colony, Texas
Where’s St. Patrick when you need him? Matt Cavanaugh, French Corral, California
Do you have any more tricks up your sleeve? John Barrera, Concord, North Carolina
In his old age, the serpent became increasingly cranky with those who declined his forbidden fruit. Stephen Jones, Kansas City, Missouri
I’ve heard of fiery serpents, but this is just unbelievable! Adiel Fuentes, Beaumont, Texas
I thought you said we were having flame broiled steak. Glen McMahan, Brookings, Oregon
Who put Aaron’s walking stick in the fire? John Coleman Campbell, Malaga, Washington
I should have used a blanket to send smoke signals. Paul DeRobertis, Manalapan, New Jersey
Hey, wait a minute. The deal is you are supposed to strike me on the heel! Linda Horne, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Get thee behind me… on second thought… Charles Dean, Redding, California
Warm a frozen snake, and it will be the first to bite you. William Cristo, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts